Counselling for Teenagers

I know it has been a really tough time for young people over the past couple of years due to Covid-19. It may be that this has affected your emotional and mental health.

Every young person experiences stress and anxiety at some time in life, it is a fact of life, but maybe it feels to much to handle on your own. If school, parents or a family member can’t help, you may be feeling overwhelmed, lonely, get extremely angry and loose your temper. There maybe a never ending feeling of anxiety, constantly worrying about the future. You could be feeling unhappy, downhearted or tearful. Or maybe it is hard to express how awkward, embarrassed and strange you feel.

Some of the causes for finding life difficult could be the following :

  • Relationship difficulties with friends, parents, guardians, siblings or teachers.
  • Examination Pressure leading to worries about what job you will do in the future.
  • Death of loved ones, parents separation, divorce or friendship break ups
  • Bullying
  • Feeling rejected and isolated in some way, not fitting in.

If you identify with any of the above, you may want some extra support. I will attentively listen to you without judgement, help you explore what you are feeling and how it is impacting you, so you can feel a bit better. If you think this would benefit you then (if you are under 18) talk to your parent/ guardian and ask them to refer you. The process for this is outlined on the Booking a Session page.

When you parent/guardian first contacts me, I will arrange an Initial free phone call with them. This initial consultation will be for 25 minutes. This will give me the chance to gain some basic information from your parents about what you are seeking counselling for and discuss whether I may be able to help. I would explain my approach and answer any questions they may have. Following this call we would then arrange our first counselling session to make sure that you also feel comfortable to work with me. There is no obligation or pressure to commit to counselling.

Other support available

If for some reason you are unable to get permission, there are other people and organisations that you can speak to for support that I have listed at the bottom of this page.