About Me

How I work

I personally believe counselling could benefit anyone, but for some people taking that first step can seem quite daunting. I appreciate that unless you have tried counselling it can be difficult to know if it will be useful to you. It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out which counsellor is the best for your individual difficulty or struggle.

From having my own counselling, I believe the key to having a positive and successful counselling experience is down to whether you connect well with your counsellor, and the strength of your relationship with them.

I place great importance on developing a trusting, warm, non-judgemental relationship with you. I offer complete acceptance of you and where you are coming from, so you can safely explore your feelings, thoughts, experiences and perceptions.

My approach is down to earth and informal. I am not going to tell you what to do or how you should be, as I believe you know yourself better than anyone. It is my job to accompany and support you on your journey in finding your own answers, which you may not have had the opportunity to discover yet.


I have had specific experience with assisting individuals with relationship difficulties, transgender issues, anxiety, depression, addiction, and other areas of distress. I have worked as a 1:1 counsellor in an addiction treatment center and have an in depth understanding of 12 Step Programmes. I have supported clients dealing with various compulsive and addictive behavior, co-dependency, while also working with activity addictions such as work, gambling, and sex.

I work in a secondary school counselling students age 11 -19, working with a wide range of issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide.

I have over 15 years working experience in Market Research and have experienced the many problems that occur in organisations and institutions around communication, which can lead to relationship breakdowns in the workplace and emotional distress for individuals.

I have also been self-employed running my own business which gave me the opportunity to meet and connect with many different people from different back grounds.


I have a Diploma in Therapeutic counselling and level3 certificate in counselling. I have a BACP Certificate of proficiency. I am a registered counsellor with the British Association for counselling and Psychotherapy. I adhere to the BACP code of ethics and have regular professional Supervision. I am also committed to ongoing Continued Personal Development.

I have recently undertaken additional training on Anxiety resulting from Covid-19.